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Hardwood flooring makes a lot of sense

When you need a hard-wearing floor covering that also provides a wealth of beautiful décor-matching options, hardwood flooring is an attractive choice. With a lifespan that can easily exceed 100 years when properly cared for, it becomes incredibly affordable over time. If you would like to know more about this material and what it can do for you, read along for that information.

Wood floors can change your home

With a lifespan that averages a century or more, solid hardwood flooring is more than just a long-lasting floor covering. It becomes more affordable over time, especially if you choose a durable and robust species as your foundation. A great stain color, sealant, and finish make this floor everything it should be, giving you years of service and enjoyment.

Another option in this same flooring line is engineered wood flooring, which allows you to choose a species, stain, and finishes, just like with solid wood. However, the construction varies, with a plywood backing to which a natural wood veneer is attached. It offers all the same stunning visuals and many of the same options, but with the added feature of excellent resistance to dampness, humidity, and temperature changes.

Both of these materials can be refinished, giving you gorgeous visuals for many years. You can change your stain color and finish type during the refinishing process if you prefer a brand new look. However, many of the colors you might initially choose offer stunning décor-matching elegance, even as trends and décor schemes change through the years, so changing your theme is usually not required.

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